Alexei Borisov
Olga Nosova
Eren İleri
Aras L. Seyhan

Art Der Anwendung


Composed, performed and recorded at Eren Ileri's studio, Vienna, Austria, April 2012.


A powerful and undisputedly amazing duo of Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova, also known as ASTMA, can easily be named as one of the most prolific projects on a modern underground experimental scene, bringing the best of poetic and artistic, troubled and contemplative, juicy mysterious Russian soul all over and around the world.

This time Alexei and Olga collaborated with Aras Seyhan and Eren Ileri, musicians and artists who currently reside in Austria. The result of their joint musical effort is here - soothing, enchanting sound collection, combining blossoming and tangled melodies, shattering noises and snatches of unspoken, inconceivable stories and words to eject you out of familiar and preserved sonic environment and urging you to explore what's out there, beyond the realm of convenient sounds and melodies. A diverse and versatile sonic assembly, Art Der Anwendung guides you through very different settings and moods, from wild and brutal noisy electronics to abstract ambient, blissful wall-of-sound extravaganza and rhythmically repressed proto-techno. For those who seek diversity and true liberation in music!

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Photos by Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova

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